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I am a bible teacher bringing alive the written text by using history, geography, and archaeology to build up the Body of the Messiah.  All for the purpose of exhorting and encouraging everybody to be God’s witnesses by extending His Kingdom on earth. Through biblical teaching, rich insights on Christian faith rooted in Judaism and Israel are richly provided. I search the past in order to know where I am going in the future.
We never know where we are going if we do not know where we came from – “The future of mankind has its roots in the past… only through understanding our history can we build a better future” – Dr. Elie Borowski
Commissioned to serve as missionary on board the Logos II which is ran by Operation Mobilization by my home Church in Venezuela.  Studied Bible and the Church Mission in Belfast Bible College; Bachelor of Theology from Israel College of the Bible; and Master of Arts in Archaeology (summa cum laude) at University of the Holy Land.
Ordained Deacon at Judson Baptist Church, Belle, West Virginia, USA. Presently serving at Christ Church Jerusalem.

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